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Breed: English Setter
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: about 3 years
Weight: 45 lbs
Location: IN
Good with other Dogs: Yes, except for very small dogs
Good with Cats: No
Good with Kids: Teens or older
Crate trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes 
Health: Good 

Adonis is a high energy young adult dog who prefers to be outside whenever he can. If you’re looking for a running partner, he's your guy.


This handsome boy is amazing on the leash and he knows sit, heel & stay. He doesn't pull while walking, but if tempted by a squirrel, he will get excited and need a reminder to calm down.  


He loves to play with toys and will bring them to you. He can get overly excited when playing, but he's still young and learning. When Adonis arrived at his foster home, he had a blankie that he protected from others. He used to get upset if you tried to take it away from him. However, he now will easily trade for another toy, and has even gone without it for longer than a day. The blankie has always been abandoned, however, when he goes outside!


Adonis is a good watch dog. He will bark to alert you at someone he does not know. However, once he knows someone, he is a love bug. He will also bark if he needs to go out to potty.


Adonis loves children and does very well with the grandchildren that visit regularly. The grandchildren (8 & under) can even take him out on the leash! But because of his past possessiveness of his blankie, he should probably not be placed in a home with kids who might try to take his toys away.


Adonis would be happy as an only dog, but he is also great with other dogs his size and will play happily for hours. He is not so good with small dogs, cats, and other small pets, and will chase them. He can easily clear a 4 or 5 ft fence in pursuit of a squirrel, so he needs an extra high fence, privacy fence, or invisible fence.


If you are an active household, Adonis would love to be your new best friend!


And now, a word from Adonis (“Andy”):


My mom forget to tell you some things.

  • I LOVE car rides! Open the door and I’m ready to jump in the fun-mobile. I know it's gonna be an adventure!

  • My New Year’s wish is to find a Hooman Family for me to love and who will love and understand me, too!


Love & Joy,

Adonis “Andy” 

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