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Name: Chimp
Breed: English Setter
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: 9 years
Weight: 60lbs
Location: NJ
Good with other Dogs: Yes, but has some food/toy aggression
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Great with older kids, maybe a little too jumpy for small kids. 
Crate trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes 
Health: Good 

Chimp is an incredibly sweet boy with far more energy than you would expect from a 9 year old! And as you can see, he is a stunning guy! He prefers human attention over the attention of other dogs and will happily sit by your side for hours if you continue to pet his soft fuzzy head. Chimp tends to jump up on people (and counters and tables). We have been working on this, and while he has improved significantly over the past few weeks, this big, strong boy still needs occasional reminders. Chimp lives with two other dogs, a one year old and a 12 year old. He doesn’t bother much with the 12 year old. He has mixed feelings about the one year old. Typically when they are outside in the yard, they will run around together and play nicely. When they are inside, there are scattered instances of fighting. They seem to be happening less frequently and can easily be broken up with sprays from the water bottle. While these fights usually involve food or toys, there have been a few occasions where it was unclear what it was all about.  


Chimp is housetrained, but he doesn’t seem to like doing his business when on a leash. He will pee on the leash but always seems to save pooping for when he is free in the fenced yard. He settles in nicely at night with no barking. He sleeps in a crate and does not make a peep until we come out to get him in the morning.  


If Chimp might be your guy, please fill out an application.

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