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Breed: English Setter
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: 9 years
Weight: 60 lbs
Location: IN
Good with other Dogs: Yes, but can sometimes be dog-selective
Good with Cats: Maybe
Good with Kids: Great with kids over 12, and with dog-savvy younger ones  
Crate trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Health: Good

Handsome senior gentleman is looking for a new home where he can give unconditional love. Likes to play outside, but LOVES indoor time with family. Favorite activities: Cuddling, eating, traveling by car, and hording toys. Looking for a family that will give him lots of love and toys. Likes to play with other dogs, but would also be happy to be an only dog. As you can see, he is a stunning guy!

While Chimp likes to play outside, he loves to be in the house with his humans. He is perfectly house trained and is also crate trained. During the day, he sometimes naps in the crate. At bedtime, he puts himself to bed in one of the open crates in his foster home and does not make a peep until morning.  

There is nothing Chimp likes better than human attention. When given a choice, he will choose you over the attention of other dogs, and will happily sit by your side for hours. Just continue to pet his soft fuzzy head! In fact, he would love to climb right up into your lap. In his quest for unconditional love, he will sometimes jump up on people. He is learning that if he sits calmly, he gets petted, and that he loses human attention if he forgets and jumps up. While he has improved significantly, this big sweetheart still needs occasional reminders.

One of his great delights is toys. He is a toy hoarder and will actively hunt for new toys to add to his collection. If he can’t find enough chew toys he will occasionally improvise with shoes or toilet paper rolls, but will drop the improvised toys when told to. All he needs is a lot of stuffies and chew toys to keep him busy. He allows his canine foster siblings to play with the toys, but when they are done with them, he will take them back for his collection.

Chimp currently lives with two other dogs, one 9, and the other 3. He is somewhat dominant, but plays nicely with the other two, who are less dominant. Chimp lived in another home before this one where he had scattered squabbles with one of the resident dogs. However, in his current home, he has done very well. While he enjoys playing outside with the other two boys, Chimp usually tires first, and chooses to come in for some unconditional pets and love – or a nap.

Chimp knows commands like sit, heel, and stay. On walks, he sometimes pulls a little on the leash, but a little easy gentle correction reminds him to come right back to your side.

Chimp is great around kids and really loves them. He has been exposed to children from babies to 5, 6, & 8 years old, and also teens. He occasionally wants to jump up on them out of an abundance of love, but is learning patience and to sit nicely for pets & treats from them. The older three children (ages 5-8) take him for a short leash-walks and he listens well to their commands, and he regularly goes for longer walks with a teenager.

Chimp has some fears and anxiety left over from his early life in a breeding kennel. He’s nervous about grooming and will yelp if you touch his chest or sides. We are working on this and he is improving. Patience and love have been the most effective approaches to helping him. In addition, he has benefitted from medication.

Chimp seems ok around cats, but he has not had a lot of exposure, so caution should be taken when introducing them.

He loves car rides and is eager to get in and go with you. Wherever you go will be an adventure! If you like to go RV camping, he’s your boy! He loves to travel and is easy on the leash.

Chimp is an incredibly sweet boy that had a difficult early life. He has come a long way, learning life in a family. He is a smart boy, and he will continue to grow with a family who will provide patience, understanding, kindness – and of course, love.  

If you think that Chimp might be your new best friend, please fill out an application – he is waiting for you!

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