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Dante - Adoption pending

Breed: English Setter

Sex: Male

Age: 5 years

Weight: 55 lbs

Location: MO

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Very Good

Dante is a Blue Belton who strayed into a north Missouri home, fortunately owned by two Good Samaritans and a middle-aged border collie. He was well-mannered in their home appreciating the fact he was no longer out in the elements. He roamed the farm with his new friend and relished being brushed before he was picked up by his foster home.

Dante is UTD and now neutered, his age being estimated at 5-6 years old by the vet. He is now up to a proper weight of approximately 55 pounds, crate trained, loves dogs, ignores the cats, and is good in a fenced backyard. Dante will bark to let you know if he needs to go out when crated, and goes to the back door when he isn’t crated. He gives “butterfly kisses” to pre-school girls, but for the most part has been exposed to adults of various ages.

Dante has co-hosted temporary fosters while in his foster home with no issues, and he does quite well at the dog park. He does like to check out the entire perimeter of the park and goes wading in the lakes.  I am assuming that because of his time as a stray, he does keep a close eye on the back door when out in the yard. He does wrestle and play with my dog when they first go out, but for the most part he can be found lying in the shade of the maple tree.

Dante is well accustomed to road trips, preferring to be the co-pilot rather than in the back seat but he will go to the back if told to and does know the command "load". He has experienced traveling with overnight stays in motels, and he has also been boarded with doggie daycare when the boys weren’t able to travel with me. He had no issues at all with the other dogs in daycare, and that was prior to his neuter surgery.

We don’t know Dante’s past prior to being a stray, other than he had clearly been inside and had no issues with being checked out by nosy cats. Dante is not big on being on the furniture, he prefers to be lying on the floor. In general, at home, both boys sleep in a crate, and while my dog will be on a couch or recliner, Dante is happy to chill out in the same room with his foster mom, nearby but not on the furniture.

Dante does tend to “bellow” for a treat after his evening kibble. It is no longer daily, but he clearly thinks dessert is something good boys should have regularly. If his adoptive home has a cat, it is advisable that the cat kibble is elevated above the height of grazing canines.

Dante is truly the easiest foster I have had in 30+ years, he is mellow and truly a companion dog. I do recommend a 2’ leash when walking him, as he hasn’t had much formal training on a 6’ leash. He is quite comfortable with his martingale collar, and truly just wants a home where he is cherished for the good boy that he is.

If Dante sounds as if he might be a good fit for you, please complete an application!

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