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Breed: English Setter

Sex: Female, spayed

Age: 1 year

Weight: 47 lbs

Location: KY

Good with other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Yes

Good with Kids: Yes, over 12

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Good

Hello everyone! My name is Dasey, but my foster mom, dad, and brother call me Blu, or Dasey Blu.


I turned one year old in February, and I love to play! Mom says she wishes she could bottle some of my energy for herself. Not sure how she would do that, but I would let her if I could.


I love to play with my teenage human foster brother who knows how to have fun: throwing the ball for me outside and wrestling with me, too. I even taught my foster mom and dad to throw the toys for me! I also love to play with my foster dog siblings: Lexi a Lab, and Goose another ES. I have another foster sister Sanibel who is an 18 lb Corgi but we don't get along so well. I prefer bigger playmates. Lexi is kind of old (she is 8), but Goose is a great playmate and helps me to get my energy out playing in our fenced in back yard. I need a fenced yard to run in because I like to chase squirrels and sometimes the neighbor's cat. I have a physical fence now, but I understand invisible fences, too.


Speaking of cats, I like my own cats that live inside the house with me. I have three kitty foster siblings and we get along just fine. Indoor cats are family!


I am a petite girl compared to my foster brother Goose. My foster mom calls me a field setter. I’m not sure what she is talking about but – whatever. I am full grown and weigh about 47 pounds and only stand about 27 inches tall, my foster mom calls me the perfect snuggle size!


Speaking of snuggles, I LOVE to snuggle! I sleep very well in my crate but sometimes my foster mom invites me to sleep with her in the morning if I have gotten up early to go potty.


Speaking of vets, I love to ride in the car - even to the vet - and I love to go to any new places. And I love taking walks. My foster parents are working with me on my leash training, and they say I am coming along nicely.


I know what ‘down’ and ‘off’ mean, but sometimes my nose just gets the best of me and I need a reminder. I also know several other things like ‘sit’ (picked up hand signals very quickly), ‘shake’, ‘come’ and ‘oh Blu NOOO’! Although I only hear the last one if I'm bored and being kind of naughty.


I am looking for a home with someone who can understand my energy level and have time to spend with me. I like any opportunity to be active! I would like to learn to hike, I think that would be very fun, or maybe to learn agility! My foster mom says I would be great at that!


I would love to have an active family that knows how to play with me and have fun. I would very much like a home with other dogs my size or bigger to help me from getting bored and lonely. If you are looking for a fun sized fur-ever companion, go ahead and apply. I just might be your girl!


Love Dasey Blu

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