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Breed: English Setter

Sex: Female

Age: 4 years

Weight: 40 lbs

Location: AL

Good with other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Probably not

Good with Kids: 10 or older

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Mostly

Health: Good

     Elizabeth is a 4-year-old, female field-type setter. She came into foster care right around Thanksgiving 2023 and boy, does she have a lot to be thankful for! Lizzy was a stray, very thin and suffering from pneumonia and heartworms. The heartworms were so bad that her vet gave her a 50/50 chance of surviving the treatment. But not only did Lizzy survive, she has thrived!

     Today, Lizzy is a happy, carefree bundle of energy. Affectionately known as "Busy Lizzy", she is a whirlwind of activity and curiosity. She is interested in everything and will get into anything that she thinks is food. Lizzy has a strong hunting desire and loves to spend time outside, stalking songbirds, lizards, and imaginary dragons. Because of her hunting desire, she is not good with cats. They just look like too much fun! Lizzy is fantastic with other dogs and people. She has done well with kids older than10 years old that have visited her.

      Lizzy took a long time to emotionally "connect" with her foster mom. We think it’s because she was likely an outdoor dog in her previous life, with limited opportunity to bond with a person, and she had to learn that people were interested in interacting with her. She has finally figured it out and now she loves to get pets and hugs!

      Lizzy is a petite 40 pounds, fine-boned and slender. She is crate trained and mostly housetrained, with an occasional accident. We think it’s just because she is easily distracted when outside and forgets to do her business before she comes in. She is a bit of a busy-body indoors and does best when supervised because she investigates everything with enthusiasm. She is unconcerned about being corrected when she is doing something really interesting, like examining the trash, and responds better to being redirected. Just like a spouse or a toddler, she just tunes you out if you nag her.

     Lizzy needs a home with a securely fenced yard. She is not a fence climber but will weasel through any gap she finds. She doesn't want to run away, but in typical setter fashion, she may wander if she gets out of the fence. She is active but easily self-exercises by "hunting" in the back yard.

      Elizabeth is now ready to find her fur-ever home. If you are looking for a sweet active girl that has decided that pets and love really are wonderful, please fill out an application. She is looking forward to hunting in your yard and bonding with you!

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