Breed: English Setter mix?

Sex: Male

Age: 3

Weight: 55 pounds

Location: Raleigh, NC

Good with other dogs: Yes!

Good with Cats: Untested

Good with Kids: Yes

Crate trained: No

Housebroken: Mostly

Health: UTD


Elliott came to us from a shelter in Virginia.   He is three years old and as sweet as they come. 

If you are looking for a velcro, lap dog, this is the one.  He does not quite understand the concept

of personal space and the closer he is to you the better.  By closer he actually means on top of. 

He is a perfect dog for those that work at home and want a companion close by. He loves to hang out

on the couch and sleep with you (on you) on the bed, therefore a home where he is allowed on

furniture is a must.  


Elliott gets along great with his foster brother and sister.  When he first came to us, soon after being

neutered, he was dominant towards his brother and never wanted to leave his side but now he is just interested in an occasional romp with him.


Elliott walks very well on a leash and absolutely loves to go for walks.  Nothing excites him more

than a good walk except maybe a lap to sit on.... He does pull some when he sees other dogs.


Elliott responds wonderfully to "no".  We are suspicious that he might have been abused in some way as when he is told no, he does cower a little, but he immediately stops what he is doing. 

He initially tried counter surfing but that was quickly nipped!  


He is not birdy or interested in small critters.  He goes outside in the backyard, but much prefers

to be inside with his person.  Therefore, a fenced in backyard is not mandatory. 

What IS mandatory is a loving person who has lots of time to sit on the couch hanging out with

this wonderful boy!  Elliott is currently being fostered in Raleigh, NC.