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Breed: Great Pyrenees mixed with

Golden Retriever or English Setter

Sex: Male

Age : 1 ½ years

Weight: 62lbs

Location: NC

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with Cats : Unknown but likely

Good with Kids:  Yes

Crate trained: Hates the crate!  

He finds a way out.

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Great

Meet Emmett!

This sweet boy came to us from a full kill shelter in Texas.  He might not have any setter in him but we stepped up so that he would be safe.  He is part Great Pyrenees and maybe Golden Retriever or Setter.  Whatever he is, he is a wonderful mix!  He weighs 62 pounds.  He is sweet as a dog comes and so good.  He is a little over a year old but does not act like a puppy.  He is a very laid back boy.  He spends most of his day either lying on a big chair or lying next to his dad as he works.  He gets along great with our two dogs but hasn’t showed much interest in playing with them (he might not know how!).  He is not possessive of food or toys and definitely is not an alpha dog at all.    He loves our teenage children and anyone who has come in the house, but hasn’t been around very little kids.  I think he would do fine as long as he goes to them first.  He likes to come to you when he is ready.  He has never barked or growled at all!  



Emmett does not like the crate and managed to escape the one time we crated him.  But he has never shown any signs of destruction, so he gets to be out when we leave the house.  He loves to chew on big bones and will lie on the chair he has claimed and chew away.  Emmett is house trained although he has had a few accidents as any dog does in a new environment.  He walks wonderfully on a leash and gets excited to go on walks.   He doesn’t pull at all and will do a cute jog if he needs to catch up.  He doesn’t enjoy spending much time in the backyard so a fence is not essential.  He can be a little skittish with loud noises so I think he would do best in a suburban environment.  We are also looking for a home where someone is home much of the time as this boy is too sweet to be alone all day.   He has been great in the car.  Overall this is a wonderful, low energy, laid back boy!  He is neutered, up to date on all shots and Heart worm prevention and is being fostered in Raleigh, NC.  

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