Breed: English Setter

Sex: Male

Age: 8

Weight: 47 lbs

Location: MA

Good with other dogs:  Yes

Good with Cats:  Unknown

Good with Kids:  Never been aggressive at all but startles easily.  

Crate trained: No

Housebroken: Working on it.

Health: Backend weakness/stiffness - had been hit by car.



He just might be the sweetest, most forgiving little soul ever.

Life has clearly not been good to him and humans have failed him in the past.

Yet Harvey is not angry or aggressive in any way. He is grateful for every gentle pet

and shares his love with anyone who will sit and give him attention.

He is often a little timid at first but shows his affection by resting his head on your knee or leaning his little body against your leg. He isn’t able to sit due to past injuries from being hit by a car, but he will stand there as long as someone is willing to pet him.  


We know that Harvey was hit by a car prior to coming into rescue, but we don’t know anything else about his first 8 years of life. He cowers if we come toward him too quickly or if he is startled, sometimes even throwing himself down on the ground. That is happening less as he becomes more comfortable. He has some nerve damage around his backend - hips and back legs. There is some stiffness and difficulty getting in and out of certain positions. This seems to make it difficult for him to sit. He will typically stand until he is ready to lie down.  He has made some progress with house training, but he does still have some accidents in the house. It is possible this is also related to nerve damage and his inability to feel when he needs to go until right before he goes. He is currently on three medications, treating some anxiety and his pain/nerve damage. There is a possibility he will need less medication as time goes on but there’s also a chance this could be a long-term regimen for him. 


Harvey does not let his physical limitations slow him down when he feels the need to chase a squirrel or chipmunk. The majority of the time, however, he prefers a slow stroll with his human close by. He’s not the kind of guy that will be up for long hikes or runs. I think Harvey would love to be in a home with other dogs to really help him feel comfortable and learn routines. So far, he seems to like all humans that he has met and he has also been fine with other dogs. He tries to press his face up against the birdcage, so he is now kept separated from the bird. He can do some stairs (ours are carpeted) but, he doesn’t love it and he typically needs help coming back down. 


Harvey is looking for a forever home where he can be loved and treated like the wonderful deserving, sweet creature that he is. He has so much love to give. And while it may take him a little extra time to warm up and feel comfortable, it will totally be worth the wait!