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Breed: English Pointer Mix

Sex: Male

Age: 2 years

Weight: 67 lbs

Location: VT

Good with other dogs: no

Good with Cats:  Yes 

Housebroken:  Very well

Health: Good

Hoagie is a very devoted, affectionate, and obedient dog. He is already very well trained – comes when called, prefers to stay by your side and will not wander off. He is such a gem of a dog, but unfortunately, Hoagie does not get along with our male dog. So, we would recommend that Hoagie be placed in a one-dog home.


That said, he is an extremely devoted dog. Treat Hoagie kindly and he will be your boon companion. Wherever you are, he will want to be there with you. If you’re weeding the garden, Hoagie will make himself comfortable right beside you. Watching a movie, he’ll want to be in your lap. (He doesn’t know he’s not a lap dog.) Run an errand in the car? Hoagie loves to come along.


Owing to the stress of being passed from driver to driver from Texas to Vermont, Hoagie developed an intestinal ulcer and pancreatitis for which he has been treated and is completely cured. Still, he has a sensitive stomach. He needs a calm environment and a low-fat diet. We’ve been feeding him Purina Pro Plan Plus for Sensitive Stomach and Skin and he is doing well on that.


Hoagie is two years old with endearing, deep brown eyes. He seems to prefer to be inside, but again, favors being wherever his human companion is.


When he’s excited, he likes to throw his weight around, so we would recommend a home with older children.


Hoagie has not had a single accident in the three months he has been with us. He is very well house-trained.


Hoagie will not be happy in a home where he is “just a dog.” Hoagie will need as much love and attention as a child (though with a bit less care than a child requires), and he deserves it!!

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