Dog Name: Jovan aka Yo-Yo

Breed: English Setter

Sex: Male, neutered

Age: 1 yo

Weight: 30#

Location: New Jersey

Good with other dogs: On his terms

Good with Cats:  NO

Good with Kids:  Probably over 12 with very slow introductions

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes, but with occasional excited accidents

Health: Perfect!!


Jovan flew into the US on his Serbian passport on March 20, 2021.

He’s a GORGEOUS, neutered, black & white, male English Setter (confirmed by DNA test), a little over 1-year-old, and weighing in at 29.5 lbs., 3 months later. He has good name recognition and recall – the Serbian pronunciation is Yo’vin. His nicknames are Yo-Yo and Babe.

Never having lived in a house, or with a human, Jovan learned to go up and down steps on his first day. Other than his foster mom’s bed and an ottoman (which he was invited to) he shows little interest in getting on other furniture. He does not beg for food while you are eating, but he will “counter surf” if tempted. Did someone say road trip? This sweet guy does fine in the car and will happily jump into the back seat, ready for action!

Jovan is affectionate to his foster mom, but it does take him awhile to warm up to others.

He actually has some “fear” issues when it comes to people entering his foster mom’s home.

When they are out and about Jovan prefers that his foster mom engage people in conversation so he can “read the room” before allowing people to approach him, especially men.

Encountering new dogs, even though he lived with other dogs in Serbia, as well as loud noises (rumbling trucks, buses, etc.), also startle him; however, interestingly, thunderstorms, fireworks and a vacuum in an adjacent room, don’t faze him. He is getting over his fear of long sticks, like shovels, mops, etc. which were probably used to chase away strays in his homeland.

All in all, Jovan is learning new things that he has never experienced before. He’s learned to play with toys. Squeaky toys scared him at first, but now he has learned to play with them and he does not chew them up.

If a ball is thrown towards him, he will jump out of the way, but if the ball is rolled past him, he is all over it!! He has learned to walk on a loose leash, although a random chipmunk or squirrel will challenge his natural urges against “leave it”.

Jovan has also learned “sit,” “down,” “off,” and “wait.” “Come,” is still a work in progress.

Jovan will voluntarily sleep in his crate, but if his foster mom shuts the crate door, he will bark. He also still has the occasional accident in the house if he gets overly excited.

Mr. Jovan is current on all his vaccines as well as flea/tick and heartworm prevention. He was MOSTLY a gentleman at his vet appointment – he did nip at the vet tech (male who approached Jovan to quickly) but he was great with the vet, also a male, but foster mom and the vet talked first (allowing Jovan to “read” the room).

Jovan is looking for his forever home and would do best in a home with enough activities to keep him interested and stimulated, with multiple family members that would be willing to engage with him.

(Side note: A bored dog might result in holes being dug in the yard) A fenced yard is mandatory for this boy because he loves to run loose in the yard, barking to exclaim his freedom!!