Breed: English Setter

Sex: Female

Age: Approx. 2

Weight: 55-60lbs

Location: Wisconsin

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with Cats:  Unknown

Good with Kids:  Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Yes, just finished HW treatment


Jordan (Jordy) is a 4-year-old, 35 lbs. spayed, orange and white female Setter that is currently finishing up her heartworm treatment. During her treatment, the stress caused her some gastrointestinal issues, but the vet is hopeful that she will be able to go back to a normal diet once her treatment is completed. Jordy is an active girl so the heartworm treatment has been restrictive on her, in fact she is on additional medication to keep her calm.  Hopefully soon, she will be able to run and play again.

Jordy would do best with an active household that has kids over the age of 12. She could easily knock over a small child because she is very excitable. Due to the restrictions of the heartworm treatment, Jordan would benefit from some basic obedience classes. Her leash skills have improved, but still need work. She does have a high prey drive so hang on tight to that leash if you live in a heavily populated squirrel or bunny area! Because of the high prey drive, a home that is CAT FREE is a must. Jordan is good with other dogs in her foster home.

Jordan is a smart girl and has learned a lot since arriving in her foster home. Some of the commands that she knows are as follows:

Crate time – she goes in and gets a treat

Watch me – she knows to make eye contact with her foster mom

Jordan (or Jordy) – she is to come to her foster mom and make eye contact

Sit – struggles with this one at times, but does it best when offered food

Settle – this is huge because this active girl needs to be kept non-active during her treatment, if settle does not work, she has crate time

Go potty – I think this is self-explanatory

Night-night – means it is time for bed!!

Yes/No – helpful in letting her know if she’s doing something right

Come here – still working on this

Hungry/eat food – telling her when I’m making food for dogs


Prior to coming into rescue, Jordan was used as a breeding dog. After she had her last litter, she was dumped at a shelter because she wouldn’t hunt. That is behind her now and this sweet, happy, bouncy girl is looking for her forever home. Jordan promises to keep all the squirrels, bunnies and cats out of your yard. She will watch and listen to the birds with you and when she has burned off her energy, she will come to you for pets and cuddles with her tail wagging!! (The dogs in her foster home have told her those are the first steps in Love!!)