Breed: English Setter

Sex: Male

Age: 5

Weight: 48lbs and gaining

Location: OH

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with Cats:  Yes

Good with Kids: Dog savvy kids over 12 only

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: UTD


Sweet Kit is looking for his perfect forever family! Kit is in his middle age setter prime with just the right amount of energy! Kit came in along with 5 other adult breeding dogs at the beginning of January.

He is dog and cat friendly! Kit has been very friendly with every human he has met including children, but due to how easily he startles a home with children over the age of 12 who are dog savvy is required.

When Kit startles he hides or crouches down as low as he physically can. 


Details were limited about Kit’s life prior to foster care but it quickly became apparent that Kit had

never known indoor life, everything was brand new to him. He quickly mastered the stairs,

navigating around furniture, and got used to the day to day sounds of a home. He has impeccable house manners and is a great house guest. He has gained more and more confidence with each passing day, but still has lots of learning to do. He startles easily with sudden movement

or a loud noise, and will need a home that is patient with him as he continues to build confidence. Additionally, because of this Kit requires a home with another confident dog who can continue to show him the ropes of being a dog. He has only ever known other dogs companionship and leans on his foster brother to lead the way and be there for him when he doesn’t know what to do. Kit loves to snuggle up with his foster brother and is keen in observing his behavior.


Kit is still learning all the joys of human companionship and has started to initiate

receiving affection in recent weeks. He melts into you when getting ear scratches and loves

snuggling up. With time I think he will become a full blown Velcro setter. He is loyal to a fault and is beyond happy when I get home after being gone for a bit. He greets me with happy spins and little nuzzles. Kit loves his crate and knows kennel up, it is his safe spot where he eats and sleeps.

He will require a home comfortable in the continuation of using a crate. He is good in his crate for up to 8 hrs and will spend the time snoozing or playing with a toy. Kit is nearly potty trained and has been accident free for the past two and a half weeks and only had a handful of accidents upon arrival. 

He doesn’t initiate going to the door when he needs to go out but rather follows his foster brother t

o the door. 


Kit LOVES his toys and requires his future family has lots of them to play with.

He is making up for all of the lost time without toys, and takes time to play with each and

every one he has in his bed at the moment. He is very gentle with his toys. After all the toys have been put away he takes time to pick out toys from the basket and carries them one by one back to his bed.

Kit usually pulls 10-15 toys out at a time and places them carefully in  his bed where he tucks them into the edges around him. He will be bringing his favorite toys to his new home! 


Kit has wonderful leash manners and enjoys a nice long walk. He has thrived in an apartment setting and does not require a fenced in yard. He is not a candidate for an electric fence at this time, though with growing confidence it may eventually be an option. He enjoys going to the dog park to stretch

his legs, but likes when it’s not too busy. 


Kit is hoping his forever home is a setter oasis filled with lots of love, snuggles, a wonderful sibling, big comfy beds and all of the toys he could ever imagine!

If he sounds like a match please fill out an application!