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Leo has many applications so we are no longer accepting new applications for him.


Breed: English Setter

Sex: Male, neutered

Age: 5 months

Weight: 35 lbs

Location: NJ

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with Cats:  Yes

Good with Kids:  Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Almost

Health: Overall good

My name is Leo!  Or little Leo, or Mighty Leo or Puppy.  I am a little guy.  I am 5 months only and only 30 lbs, my Dr. says I am going to be a pocket setter.  Whatever that means.


I was born with an under-developed liver.  It is fine now but that's the reason I am so small.  I won't be any bigger than 35 lbs.  I do take one medication a day and I LOVE IT!  I think it is a treat and eat it right up!


I love tennis balls, pull toys and ice cubes!  I am almost totally housebroken and go outside using the doggie door.


I like to bother my fur brothers and sister, they are older and don't want to play ALL THE TIME!  Imagine that, not wanting to play a lot? I like to poke the cat with my nose.  Sometimes I get smacked by the cat and foster mom comes and picks me up and tells me no.  I don't like that word.  Not at all.


I eat all my food all the time, I sleep in a crate with my blanket, I try to get up on the sofa but I cant quite get up there yet. 


I like to follow my foster EVERYWHERE! 

Oh I gotta go it's time to eat!  So if you want to know more click apply!   Can't wait to meet you!!!

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