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Breed: English Setter

Sex, Male, neutered

Age: 3 Years

Weight 42 lbs

Location: OH

Good with Other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Unknown

Good with Kids: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Good

Hi, my name is Mango! I guess it’s kind of a silly name, but a bunch of us were rescued together, so we had “theme” names. I’m around 3-4 years old and about 42 lbs now! My foster Mama has been working hard to get some weight on me. I never lived in a house before the great people at A Better English Setter Rescue decided to save me and some of my other Setter friends from our outdoor life at a hunting preserve.


I’ve been with my foster Mama and her four doggies for a little over a month now and I’m learning about life in a house with love, good food, and doggie friends. I even have my own crate with a big comfy pillow and toys! OMG, I love toys!!! I’m pretty much house-trained now, but my foster Mama still keeps an eye on me to be sure I don’t mess up. She’s pretty forgiving with me while I learn. I love, love, love the safety of my own crate. I eat my meals in there, and I sleep in there all night with the door open. I’m kind of a shy guy, and I can be scared of loud noises or sudden movements. I’m working on learning how to trust and be more confident though, and foster Mama says I’m getting there.

My Setter sister is young like me, and I love playing with her and running around the yard like crazy doggies! She’s a shy girl too, and sometimes I can get a little too rough for her, but Mama tells me to settle down and I listen to her real well. She’s says I’m very easy to correct, whatever that means. Since I never lived in a house before, I’m not always sure what Mama calls “appropriate” toys, so she has to tell me when I am getting into things that I’m not supposed to do. Apparently, I’m not allowed to chew on the rug or stand on the coffee table. How would I know that?? Mama says it’s fine, I’m in

“training” but doing an awesome job!

So, if you are looking to add a handsome young guy like me to your family, all I need is love and a little patience while I continue my journey from hunting preserve dog to a family dog! In the meantime, I’ll be here waiting for the perfect family to adopt me!!!

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