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Sex: Male- neutered

Age: 5

Weight: 70 lbs

Location: Ohio

Good with other dogs: yes

Good with Cats:  yes

Good with Kids: yes

Crate trained: yes

Housebroken: yes but will mark in

unfamiliar environments 

Health: overall good but blind in

left eye and mostly blind in right eye 

Ned is a super sweet and loving five-year-old boy. He found himself in an overcrowded shelter in South Carolina with several other setters. Ned was pulled and placed with a temporary foster, who noticed he had some odd tendencies. All he wanted to do was sleep, bumped into things, squinted, and held his tail between his legs unless he was out on a walk. At his vet visit, it was determined that Ned is blind in his left eye and almost blind in his right eye. This cannot be reversed but he does not let it slow him down! 


After settling in at his long-term foster home in Ohio, Ned really came out of his shell. He loves the cats and other dogs and you’d barely know he is special needs. He loves to trot around the yard and bark at the resident bunny.  He will spend hours outside snooping around the yard. Because of his interest in the wildlife, I would recommend a home without cats or other small animals.


Ned has been working on his house training. He does really well and doesn’t have accidents, but sometimes marks. He originally was wearing a male wrap but hasn’t needed it in a few weeks, unless he’s in an unfamiliar home. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Ned would have to be patient with him as he adjusts to his new home and environment.  

Ned does well in his crate but doesn’t always enjoy being put in. Sometimes he turns around and tries to push his way out, but he is very well behaved once locked in. He has been in a 40” soft-sided crate and doesn’t try to dig his way out at all.  Ned also enjoys going on car rides and sits in the back like a good boy. 


Above all, Ned just wants to be loved. He will press his head against you so you will pet him. He likes to climb up on you to give “hugs” and nudge an arm until he gets attention. He would much rather be petted than play. I haven’t seen him pick up a toy yet but he does love chews like pig ears, bully sticks, jerky and bones. Ned is up to date on all medical and is not on any medications besides a probiotic supplement. 


If you are concerned about Ned bumping into items in your home, there are halo-like foam items that can keep him safe. Won't you consider opening your heart and home to this affectionate boy?

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