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Breed: English Pointer

Sex: F

Age: 4 years

Weight: 38 lbs

Location: OH

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Very good

Pear was found outside a State Park in Illinois, with two English Setters. She was so very skinny and scared when we picked her up. We covered her up with soft blankets and reassured her that everything was up from here on out!  Upon further investigation, we realized that Pear is an English Pointer. She is small, at about 37 pounds (we are working on helping her gain weight). She is a joy to behold when she is on point. It’s hard to believe someone just left her to fend for herself. 


After a week in foster care, she started coming out of her shell. She fit in seamlessly with our other dogs (Lab,8 and English Setter,3) and plays very well. Pear is an active dog and loves to be outdoors. She has no issues with sleeping in a kennel or going into a kennel (treat enticed), even when the dogs are out and about in the house. She has not had one accident in our house and goes outdoors to do her business. The indoor life is still new to her, though. Everything is fair game to her!  Shoes, cords, vacuum attachments, lunch bags…anything. Once she grabs it, away she’ll go outside with her prize – head held high prancing right by you! She does however give the items up rather easily and is happy to chew on something appropriate you give her in trade. She loves to chew on hard bones and deer antlers. 


Her coat is soft and short and her ears are ticked and her tail has some ticking. Her eyes and nose are almost an apricot color. She will definitely be a low maintenance dog as far as grooming goes: bathing and trimming nails – unless, of course she is digging in the yard or in mud. She does still have her dew claws. 


Pear had a wonderful introduction to her foster dad’s 16-month-old granddaughter, and they both fell in love. See the pictures to see how much the love flowed!


Pear isn’t excited to go on car rides yet (who can blame her!), but once in the vehicle she doesn’t make a peep and lies right down in the back. Once Pear has calmed down for the night, she is quite content to cuddle up right next to you in the “English Setter” pretzel on the sofa. 


She is not bothered by cats at all, but does not fully understand what she is supposed to do when a cat takes a stand. Pear handles it by ignoring the cat.


Pear is getting used to being on a leash, and we are working on recall with a clicker. 


She is full of energy and will need a fenced yard and room to play to get her energy out. 


If you make the time to teach Pear a few commands (sit, stay and come) you will be her hero and she will love you forever.    


Pear will make a WONDERFUL pet, but would also really enjoy having an opportunity to be a hunting partner. 


If you think that Pear might be the girl for you, fill out an application.

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