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Name: Princess
Breed: Pointer Mix
Sex: Female, spayed
Age: 2 yrs
Weight: 50 lbs
Location: MI
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes - she LOVES kids! 
Crate trained: Yes, but she doesn’t like it
Housebroken: Yes
Health: Very good

Princess is a fun and funny pointer mix who adores children, dogs, cats...everybody! She’s active when outside, but not to excess. Inside, she is super affectionate and silly and likes nothing more than to be at your side, especially if you are a small human! She is great with kids.

This enthusiastic girl loves to run and swim and has been good off leash at home. She needs exercise to be happy, so a yard/room to run is a must. She’s very sociable and would not enjoy being alone all day, but has been fine if left with another dog. Do you have a four foot who would like a fun playmate?

Princess was crate trained as a pup, but she doesn’t need it currently. She didn’t enjoy being separated from her pack then and she doesn’t like it now. She will crawl into your lap if you let her and needs to be reminded about “personal space." She would benefit from leash training as well, since she hasn’t spent much time on a leash and tends to pull.

Princess will thrive with an active family who can provide her with exercise and companionship. In return, she’ll give you tons of affection and make you laugh every day. Sound like a great deal? Please complete an application for Princess!

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