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Breed: English Setter mix

Sex: Male, neutered

Age: 8ish years

Weight: 55 lbs

Location: IL

Good with other dogs: NO

Good with Cats: Yes

Good with Kids:  Needs to be older kids

over 12 years of age

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Overall good, he did just finish his

HW treatment



This happy 8-ish year old, neutered male mix was saved from a high kill shelter in Virginia. We had to work quickly as Sammy was also heartworm positive. He weighs around 55 lbs and could stand to put on a few more.


While I do not have any cats, he was tested in the shelter and did well with them. He was also in a short-term foster home and did well with the resident cats there.


Sammy does exhibit some resource guarding with other dogs, he does let me take food and treats away from him without any issues or concerning behaviors. Sammy is crate trained and has not had a single accident, despite undergoing heartworm treatment and being on steroids. He loves a kong filled with peanut butter and will excitedly run into his crate to get it. Sam IS in a foster home with other dogs, HOWEVER, it has been determined that he would do best as an only dog in the home.


Sammy, or Sam the Man as he is sometimes affectionately called, loves people and loves curling up on a soft dog bed. He approaches walks outside with great excitement. We haven’t worked on leash manners much since he is going through heartworm treatment, but he won’t require too much, as he doesn’t pull very much.  He is a content guy. We are still working on some house manners, mainly putting his paws up on the counter, but he has only done it a few times and responded well to correction.


He has quickly become a favorite at the vets’ office. Transitioning from one home to another can get a little confusing for Sammy, but once he settles in, he has an adorable smile and will pick out a dog bed to snore on. Sammy has also been diagnosed with Lyme disease and has been treated for that. While on steroids to go through heartworm treatment, his limp has gone away, so he may need an appointment with an orthopedic veterinarian if his limp returns. Sammy is a very sweet guy and would make an excellent addition to most homes. Because of his resource guarding we would advise a home without young children. In his temporary foster home, he loved the teenage boy! 

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