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Breed: English Setter

Sex: Male

Age: 2 years old

Weight: 45lbs

Location: FL

Good with other dogs: Yes 

Good with Cats: Unknown

Good with kids: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

House trained: Yes 

Health: overall good- takes

medication for anxiety 

Profile for:          Scout                    

Sex: Male           

Age: 2-3 Years

Occupation:       Providing companionship and entertainment


School: Good Boy University

                Potty trained    A             Crate Trained     A            Walking on Leash             B+

Honors:               Kid tested - Mother Approved   

Canine Cuddle Award   

Activities:           Chairman of Welcoming Committee

                               President of Neighborhood Watch

Looking for: A long term relationship, a fur-ever home with a special someone to spoil me!


About me: I love walks. I am good with other dogs and older kids!

I love playing one-on-one with my foster brother, Jake.

I love to play keep away and catch with my toys.

I love to explore and I’m very curious (Why do cats have razors on their feet? Why do I have to go outside to potty, but my human goes in the house?)


Special Needs: I am slow to trust a new person and prefer women to men. I am very fearful of the leash, but once it’s on, I’m a very curious walker. I love to explore and smell new things, but I’m still fearful of new noises.


About you: Someone to take me for car rides, and long walks. I would love a home with a dog.


    “If you’re looking for fun and excitement, Scout’s your guy!”

- The Washington Post.                                                “Best fur coat of 2021”

                                                                                                             -Marie Claire Magazine

    “I want to be more like him”



                                                             SWIPE RIGHT TO ADOPT

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