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Dog Name: Truman

Breed: English Setter mix

Sex: Male

Age: 5-6 years old

Weight: 49 lbs

Location: NC

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with Cats:  Probably not;

he's very curious

Good with Kids:  Yes, 12 years or older.

Crate trained: Yes, but he doesn’t love it

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Overall good

Meet Truman!  Truman is a very sweet, loving, and goofy boy who loves to go for walks.  He found himself homeless at a shelter in Virginia.  Since arriving at his foster home, he has adapted to the routine of life as a family companion.  He enjoys outdoor walks where he can smell and explore.  He is very friendly with the people and dogs he meets on his walks.  He loves people and is especially excited when they stop to pet or talk to him.


Truman is very respectful indoors.  He's content lounging on his dog bed or a soft rug.  He is a good eater, does not beg and is considerate of his people at mealtime.  Truman does like his space when he’s sleeping, so small children might not be a good fit. He’s ok with teenagers, they understand the sanctity of sleeping!  He likes to ride in the car and is a good passenger.  


Truman sleeps all night in his crate (9pm-7am).  He is crated when his people are not home.  While he goes in willingly, it's not his favorite and he will need some positive reinforcement and confidence building.  Ideally, he would love to be with someone who is home most of the time.  Overall, Truman is a great dog and will be a terrific companion for his forever family. 


He has so many great qualities - we took him to the kennel on Saturday for 'daycare' as we all had commitments and didn't want to leave him home alone for the day.  When my husband went to pick him up that evening, the kennel owner insisted we did not need to pay for the day.  She said he's no trouble, such a fun guy, and they enjoy having him so didn't feel she needed to charge us.  We were stunned!

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