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Breed: English Setter
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: approximately 2 years
Weight: 47 lbs
Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Good with other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Good with older kids, e.g. teenagers, especially females
Crate trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes 
Health: Good

Home environment:  Would do best in a female only home

Walker just turned 2 years old and weighs 47 pounds. He came to the rescue after being surrendered by a breeder in Ohio. Unlike most setters, Walker does not appear to have any prey drive whatsoever as he has never seemed to notice the existence of other animals (other than dogs). When let outside, he goes right to the potty spot and returns without any issue. He will stay in the area exploring a bit until we call him back inside. He has never attempted to run off even though the yard is not currently fenced. 


Walker does not care much about treats but after a month and a half with him, he will finally eat one if we give it to him. He also cares very little about food and it is sometimes necessary to sit with him and encourage him to eat. He has gotten better over time and so I believe that he likely just needs a lot of adjusting time and will eventually grow out of this issue after settling into his forever home. 


Walker is good with other dogs. He is less inclined to play than your average 2-year-old but will certainly join in when other dogs are around. Although he is a very docile dog, he will attempt to show physical dominance by standing stiffly when around other males, but he doesn't act on it at all – it’s honestly pretty cute and funny to watch. 


Walker is easily spooked, and it is sometimes a challenge to get him to come when you call him or to get him to follow you. He wants to come but something causes him to hesitate. It appears to be some sort of fear that prevents him. When he first came to us we often had to carry him to the place he needed to go. He is getting much better, however, and it is an issue that he may overcome with time and comfort. 


During the first couple of weeks in our home he growled and barked at a few of our family members, particularly the males. He also attached himself to the females and seemed to disregard the males when they attempted to give him attention. He warmed up to them over time and now appreciates attention from everyone (but still prefers my daughter and myself to anyone else.) We recommend that Walker go to a female only home as he is much more comfortable around females. He has never been around younger children. He does fine when alone but when he is around his humans, he definitely wants to be close– very close. He will climb on your lap and even on top of your head or behind your back if you are sitting! 


Walker is slightly cross-eyed, which might be the reason the breeder didn't keep him. He has been checked by a veterinary ophthalmologist, and she did not find anything other than his slight cross-eyedness. He has some odd behaviors, but his primary veterinarian found nothing unusual in a basic neurology exam. He is currently on Trazadone to see if it helps his anxiety and odd behaviors. 


Walker does well in a crate but it is obvious he doesn’t prefer it. He does not bark or whine but you can tell it doesn’t bring him comfort or safety as it does some dogs. There hasn’t been much issue with chewing but he did chew up one book so it will be necessary to keep that in mind when he goes to a new home. He is housebroken for the most part but had one or two accidents which I certainly attribute to our failure to take him out at the appropriate time. He does not let you know when he needs to go. 


Our family loves to hike and visit swimming holes and Walker does absolutely fabulous when we are out. As a matter of fact he thrives in that environment. Any of the fears he has at home seem to disappear. He will jump in the water with us and follow us on whatever route we take– swimming in deep water, climbing rocks, or walking on the trail– he loves it. He will lead the way but watch to make sure we are right behind him, and he will return when we call him back. 


If you are looking for a sweet boy who needs some loving patience and care, please consider Walker by completing an application.

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