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Breed: Hound - Fox Hound mix

Sex: Male, neutered

Age: about 3 years

Weight: 39 lbs

Location: IN

Good with other Dogs: Yes, all dogs are his best friend!

Good with Cats: Yes

Good with Kids: Yes, 7 and above

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes – working on perfecting it

Health: Good

Hi all! My name is Wally and I ain’t nothing but a Hound Dog … I ain't never caught a Rabbit, but my foster mom says I’m great anyway! Foster mom says I'm a Fox Hound - I dunno what that is, but I sure can run fast so maybe I can catch one of those?


I am great with all dogs. I know for sure they will be my friend ‘cause I say so! I am even the one that helps the new dogs adjust because they just can’t resist playing with me! We have so much fun! I love to play all day and run around the yard like an Olympic Athlete – which I'm quite sure I am. I even teach the newbies in the house how to play and not be scared.


I love my toys and my crate! I'm quite smart; when Foster mom says “Kennel”, in I go. I adore people, and I also adore furniture. I will gladly jump right where you sit to acquire my spot.


I love to voice my opinion to the surprise of Hoomans & dogs, I find it quite funny! No one will sneak into a house I live in! I use that voice of mine when I need to go outside, too.


I love children, and I'm good with them, but sometimes I get a little excited and I might forget I'm not supposed to jump. I just want to make sure you know I'm down here. Mom says “No” and I'm learning to redirect this enthusiasm. I try really hard, and I learning fast. Maybe I do best in home without young children so I can perfect my manners a little more!  


I am a leash King, the star of the show. I sometimes pull, but usually I'm right by your side!


My wish for the New Year is to find me a Hooman family to love and cherish. Are you my future Favorite Hooman?


Love & Exuberant Joy,


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