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Breed: English Setter

Sex: Male

Age: 8-9 years old

Weight: 55 lbs

Location: GA

Good with other dogs: Good with foster's dog

Good with Cats:  Good with foster's cat

Crate trained: Yes, but not a fan

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Overall good, a little underweight but working on it.

Willie may be an older man in age, but he’s a puppy at heart. He gets excited for his walks and loves to run around the backyard.  He will jump up and down when he’s excited to see you or just for dinner. He’s quiet, both by nature and because he’s been debarked. He will certainly let you know if he’s displeased by quietly barking at you. Since he’s not able to vocalize, he does have clever ways of signaling he needs to go out, he will circle the kitchen/living room area and then look at you to make sure you saw him.


While he is crate trained, he is not a fan.  He picked up quickly on the doggy door.  He’s not too sure about steps….he tries to jump off of them.

Willie gets along with his canine foster brother.  He is fine with the cats, seems to think they are little dogs.  What he does love is cat food so be sure to keep that away from Willie!

Willie really loves naps and cuddles.  He would be the perfect accessory for your couch or comfy corner with a dog bed!

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