Breed: English Pointer Mix

Sex: Female, spayed

Age: 8 months

Weight: 32 lbs

Location: Vermont

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Not sure

Good with kids: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Mostly

Health: Very good

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This is Miss Zoe!

Zoe is an adorable, very energetic, friendly, petite, 8-month-old, spayed, 32lb English Pointer mix. She is a real sweetheart with kids, and I think she prefers them to adults! Although she does tend to get pretty excited and jump on them, perhaps older kids would be best with her (over 8 years). She does enjoy being around other dogs, but we think she would do best in a home where she is the only dog or with a dog her size or smaller as she does exhibit some signs of dominance as well as playing a bit too rough with bigger dogs, which can obviously lead to problems if the bigger dog is not well socialized. She is 90% potty trained and does well on a routine schedule with going outside. She is a quiet dog as far as barking and does not startle easily when people come to the door or when out and seeing something to chase…she is very easy to redirect in these situations.

Zoe has had a difficult puppyhood, in that she was in a shelter for most of her younger days. When we first started fostering her, she would drink water until getting sick. We think she may have struggled to get water in her early days as this appears to be behavioral and not the result of a UTI, as she did have one when we first got her but after a round of antibiotics and trusting us that water would always be available, this behavior has subsided significantly. Coming from a shelter she does require some patience to get her to bond with her humans as she appears to be way more interested in what is around her, especially if there is another dog in the home. The key is expending her energy, then having snuggle time!

She has had 2 training sessions with a professional trainer where we worked on pulling on the leash and to get her accustomed to the E-collar...both of these sessions she did very well as she was eager to learn. We have taught her sit, laydown, heel, break and we are working on the command ‘leave it’ and ‘come.’ She is easy to train as she is very food motivated! While she does not like swimming, she is super happy running around on the water’s edge chasing whatever she can get to. Zoe appears to be scared of the sounds of ATVs; however, thunder, fireworks and the sounds of gunshots do not faze her in the least.

She is super snuggly when her energy is expended and loves to nuzzle up to our necks while watching TV - definitely not a dog you can keep off the couch. She wants to be where the people are! However, she is VERY well crate trained and needs to have one in her forever home as it helps tremendously to calm her down after exercise or when overstimulated. She also sleeps through the night in the crate and appears to enjoy having a space that is her own. We often find her sleeping in it during the day with the door open. We think she would do best in a home with a fenced in yard and with a family that is fairly active on a daily basis and is willing to continue with her training and exercise requirements. She is wonderful on hikes through the woods, loves to attend soccer games watching the kids and getting pets from everyone, and is always ready for her next adventure!