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Breed: English Pointer Mix

Sex, Male, Neutered

Age: 1 Year

Weight: 51 lbs

Location: Michigan

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with cats: No

Good with kids: Yes,

over 10 years of age

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Very Good


Meet Bubbles! Bubbles is an adorable one-year-old, 50-pound, English Pointer Mix.

He came from a high kill shelter in Texas and was most likely an outdoor dog. However,

he has adjusted nicely to being indoors. 


Bubbles has a lot of love to give to his soon-to-be home. The first time I met him, he

leaned up against me. Now-a-days, he sleeps by my feet while I’m at my desk. And after a long day, we take naps together on the couch. He will be a loyal and loving best friend. 


Surprisingly, I never hear him bark except at the vacuum. If you’re looking for a quiet dog, Bubbles is perfect. Despite his quiet demeanor, he has the English Pointer spirit.

He has a young dogs energy and will run around my small apartment. I take him on many walks to help to get the zoomies out, but Bubbles prefers his forever home to have a fenced in backyard. 


On our walks, he loves seeing other dogs and people. And he gets very excited when they stop to pet or talk to him. If you like to go out and about, Bubbles is a perfect wingman.

But if you prefer to stay at home, Bubbles is perfectly content staying by your side.


My apartment is in an urban area, and I’ve noticed on our walks that heavy traffic can make him nervous. Bubbles would do better in an area with less traffic. That being said,

he loves to explore. On our walks he loves to smell all the new scents. 


Bubbles is excellent with other dogs and adaptable to many personalities. A Pomeranian was barking in his face, and he was perfectly calm. My Moms English setter and him instantly became best friends. He will bond with your other dogs very easily. 


Bubbles has a playful spirit and enjoys balls, tug of war, and chew toys. He even plays ball by himself by tossing the ball, letting it bounce, and chasing it. But I’m sure he

would prefer to have you throw the ball instead. 


He has an exuberance for life and just wants to be loved. He would benefit from a supportive family as he adjusts to indoor life and learns new things. He is very special

and everyone seems to be drawn to him. He would be a wonderful addition to

an active and loving family. Bubbles would love to meet you!

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