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The English Setter Breed

  • They have a beautiful feathered coat white with an intermingling of darker hairs resulting in markings called ticking.

  • The colored specks or “ticking” can be light or heavy or anywhere in between.

  • The coat color is Belton—predominantly white with flecks of another color.

  • They can be Blue Belton, Orange Belton, Chestnut Belton, Lemon Belton, Liver Belton or tricolor; white and two other colors.

  • Energy Level:  Field Setters need exercise every day, most requiring at least an hour, especially when young.

  • Grooming Requirements: The long coat needs regular brushing once a week. Grooming every couple of months is advisable, depending on the coat of the dog.

  • Temperament: Their temperament is playful, affectionate and smart. Most will make ideal family dogs because they love people and are good with kids.

  • Training: Setters are sensitive souls and need positive reinforcement it is best to do training in short sessions with plenty of “good dog” and rewards either food, play or toys.  Use kind but firm training, and set boundaries so they know exactly what you expect.

Note: Every dog has a unique personality and distinct life experiences that affect his disposition.

(As a rule, adults should always supervise play between kids and their four-legged friends.)

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