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Foster an English Setter

The main function of a foster home is to provide a safe, loving home environment. 

This entails caring for your foster as you would care for your own dog: offering food, affection, training, socialization, and exercise to keep the dog happy and healthy.  

Fostering is its own reward.

You’ll get to see so many of your foster dog’s first’s all the little things we take for granted, that they have never known. While it may be hard to let go sometimes, sharing their love and seeing how they become a vital part of a new family is the best reward ever. 


Step 1:  Fill out an application and submit

Foster parent requirements:

  • Obedience training in house or take your dog to a class.

  • Reinforce or teach House training and Crate training.

  • Appropriate behavior with humans and other dogs.

  • Your foster dog will need to visit your local vet to have a checkup and when needed get medical updates.

  • Report back to the Foster Home Coordinator with information about the dog’s personality and behavior and any medical conditions.

  • Write a bio on the dog when it is ready to be adopted

Step 2:  HOORAY I'm Approved! Now What?

  • Join our foster home email list, social media group or watch our Facebook page for dogs needing foster homes. 

  • We provide pictures and all available information on each dog.

  • Our foster home team with be happy to assist.

  • Read the checklist to get your house ready to foster 

  • Read the Foster Home handbook

Step 3:  Be the BEST Foster Parent!

Getting a foster ready for Adoption:

  • Evaluate your foster dog’s personality, his or her skills, activity level and challenges (if any) in a home setting.

  • The time in foster care varies from a few weeks minimum to several months.

  • Write a bio and submit it and pictures to Andrea our foster home coordinator.

  • All potential adopters have “Buddy’s” someone from the group who will be your go between with adopters and applications.

  • Read applications from potential adopters to determine if they are a good match, and if so speak with them. Andrea is always available to consult with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you adopt your foster dog?

  • Yes. Perhaps the best reason for a foster placement to “fail” is when the foster family decides to adopt!

  • While that is not necessarily the goal of fostering, it is a welcome outcome.


What A Better English Setter Rescue will provide to you and your foster dog:

  • A microchip and a Sparky Tag will be provided by the rescue.

  • We also provide all available information about the dog and support you in introducing a new foster dog to your home.

  • We are happy to help with training tips and suggestions we will be with you every step of the way.

  • The rescue reimburses all pre-approved medical expenses.

  • You will be given a list of services that are covered by ABESR for your foster dog


Foster home supplies:

  • Food, bowls, a collar and a leash.

  • A gate: This comes in handy to keep certain areas of your home off-limits.

  • A crate: for training or down time.

  • Dog treats: Giving treats is a good way to help train and build a positive relationship with your foster dog.

  • Enzyme cleaners (A strange place + strange people can mean accidents).

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