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Above and Beyond Transports

How Transports work

  • When we receive a request to move a Setter, either from a shelter to a foster home or from a foster home to an approved adopter, we open our mapping software and start a driver-relay from the start to finish.  

  • Each leg can be anywhere from 45 min to 2 hrs.

  • We post our transport via email, on the Internet and social media.

  • When the transport fills, we will send out an email to all of the volunteers so that they can get in touch with those they are meeting and decide on a location.  

  • Once the transport is on the road, we receive phone calls giving us time updates as well as how the Setter is handling the trip. We hear everything from 'hold on tight this one is a puller' to 'they slept the whole time,' 'they were car sick' or perhaps 'they chewed through the leash.' We share this information with the rest of the relay team so they can be prepared.

  • Most of our transports occur on Saturdays and Sundays, occasionally we might ask for some help during the week.


If you would like to help get Setter's home click on the links below. 

To get on the list for transport needs, please email

Transport Service Area

Currently we only transport in Eastern Half of the United States.

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