Available to Adopt


Breed: English Setter

Sex: Male

Age: 8

Weight: 47 lbs

Location: MA

Good with other dogs:  Yes

Good with Cats:  Unknown

Good with Kids:  Never been aggressive at all but startles easily.  

Crate trained: No

Housebroken: Working on it.

Health: Backend weakness/stiffness - had been hit by car.



Dog Name: Jordan aka Jordy

Breed: English Setter

Sex: Female, spayed

Age: 4 yo

Weight: 35 lbs

Location: MN

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with Cats:  NO

Good with Kids:  Probably over 12

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Yes, just finished HW treatment



Dog Name: Jovan aka Yo-Yo

Breed: English Setter

Sex: Male, neutered

Age: 1 yo

Weight: 30#

Location: New Jersey

Good with other dogs: On his terms

Good with Cats:  NO

Good with Kids:  Probably over 12 with very slow introductions

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes, but with occasional excited accidents

Health: Perfect!!