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Do you need assistance finding a loving new home for your English Setter?


A Better English Setter Rescue may be able to help.

We offer owner assistance to English Setter owners east of Colorado who find themselves unable to keep their dog. We take great care to place each dog in the right home and setting where he/she will thrive. The most common way that we help owners is by taking English Setters into our foster care program. Typically, the dog would stay with a foster family before we match him or her with an adopter.

A foster home is a household usually with another dog or two. It really helps us get to know the dog so we can place him/her in the most suitable home. We typically have a list of approved adopters who are eager to adopt an English Setter.
They have gone through a careful screening process. For dogs that aren’t suitable for adoption, sometimes we can lend other support or refer owners to experienced trainers or resources. 


Please keep in mind when speaking to our Intake Team  to elaborate on all aspects of your English Setter, including the negative.
Being completely honest and upfront will help to ensure we find the home most appropriate, so he/she is not shuffled around from home to home.

Please reach out to:

Kathy Xydis or Natalie Pavlick

I am interested in:
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