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Breed: English Setter
Sex: Male
Age: Approx. 6 years
Weight: 65 lbs
Location: Chesterfield, MI
Good with other dogs: Some, prefers female, non-dominant, smaller dogs. Slow introductions in open space. Currently lives with 45 lb female setter and they get along very well. 

Good with Cats: No

Good with Kids: Over 12 years of age required

Crate trained: No

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Excellent  

Romeo is a 6.5 year old, purebred English Setter who weighs 65 pounds. He is looking for the right furever family. He is very sweet, smart, and cuddly and enjoys walking or hiking. A fenced-in backyard with a high privacy fence or an invisible fence is a must, as he likes to relax outside and look at his surroundings but can also jump a short fence. Romeo enjoys short runs (about 1 mile). He is not super high energy like some setters, but he still needs an enclosed yard.  Our handsome guy will play with toys but does not destroy them.  He is allowed on the furniture and will sleep in a small four-foot or dog bed.


Romeo came to the rescue because he is gun-shy, but thoroughly enjoys sniffing for animals outside. Although he has a strong hunting instinct, he would not be a good hunting companion as he endured trauma from his time with his original owner. He has never had an accident in the house and is not a jumper. However, he does not know basic commands (like sit or stay), but he could be taught those things with patience and repetition.  He has not been crated, and we doubt he would like it. He does fine outside of a crate when left alone but likes to have a couch or bench to sit on to look outside and survey his kingdom! He will bark if someone comes up to the front door, like Amazon, but otherwise doesn't bark much. Romeo will need to be in a cat free home, and he does well with older children and adults but doesn't do well with toddlers or younger children. So, no young children, please!


Our special guy would do great with another dog that is not dominant, not male, and smaller than him. He currently lives with a female dog who is about 45 lbs. He does fine with all small dogs. He should not go to dog parks as he gets overwhelmed and will nip other dogs, especially males. He's much better one on one with other dogs.  He is fence aggressive with large dogs that are barking aggressively toward him. It would be best to bypass houses with a fenced yard and big, aggressive dogs outside to avoid any issues. He lives between a house with a Yorkie on one side and another with a Goldendoodle on the other and has no issues with either. 


 Romeo is healthy and is up to date on his vaccines. He did have Lyme previously, but he has been treated and does get follow-up tests once a year. Two years ago, his heart "paused" while getting his teeth cleaned under anesthesia (and he had to be given medicine to get his heart pumping again). We brought him to a cardiologist, and they said his heart was normal and healthy but recommended a different anesthesia protocol. We have not put him under since, but I certainly would follow their recommendations / let the vet know this happened before (specifics will be discussed with any serious adopters).


He would do great with a family (with older kids or no kids) that likes to spend time at home, cuddle him, take him on walks, and is looking for a moderately active dog. If you think this special boy might be a fit for you and fill out an application. 

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