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Breed: Border Collie mix

Sex: Female

Age: 8 months

Weight: 35 lbs

Location: IN

Good with other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Yes, but not chickens!

Good with Kids: 5 or older

Crate trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Health: Very good

Ryley is a sweet little Border Collie mix puppy who came into rescue with her littermate, Skye. To tell them apart in the photos, Ryley has more black than white, while Skye has more white than black.


Ryley likes people, but she likes to play outside even more. She likes to bring you "gifts": rocks or sticks or feathers - whatever puppy-prizes she finds in the yard. In Ryley’s world, everything is a toy! When she is outside, she enjoys splashing in the kiddie-pool to cool off and will gladly stay in it for hours.  She also loves to bring her treasures to the pool and will gladly take her bed or blankie outside to swim with her! Who wouldn’t want all their favorite things together? You can almost hear her singing “These are a few of my favorite things.” 🎶 


Ryley spends a lot of time with her foster mom’s grandchildren and is especially fond of children 5 years old and up. Toddlers make her a little more nervous. Ryley is a people-pleaser, but she’s not a lap-dog. Offer her a belly rub, though, and she will be your gal! 


Ryley is good with cats – touched noses with a cat and then walked away. While she is also good with other dogs, she does not like it if she feels her space is being invaded. Ryley discovered the chickens in a neighbor’s yard. We aren’t sure if she was trying to herd them or chase them, but until she is better trained, she should not be considered chicken-safe!


She is house broken and crate-trained, and loves car rides. She has been working on leash training, but like any young pup, she wants to do her own thing. She may try to chew her leash or flop down on her back and refuse to move! She is not quite ready for delightful leash walks, as she tends to choose to go her own way. She says, “It’s all so new! Why do you want me to do that?” On the other hand, Ryley has mastered Sit and will sit on command. She loves treats, so a patient trainer will continue to make good progress with her. She is truly still a puppy, but she is smart. Once she discovers how much she loves you (and the treats), she learns fast.


In the yard, Ryley can be an escape artist and will joyfully run and dive over and through anything to get to freedom so she can follow her curiosity - but she will just as happily come running back to you when she realizes you have come to find her! Ryley will require a very secure yard with a high privacy fence OR, she could be trained to an invisible fence.


If you are an active household that wants a smart young pup to share your life, please fill out an application!

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