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Breed: Aussie/Setter Mix
Sex: Male
Age: Approx. 9 Months
Weight: 55 lbs
Location: OH
Good with other dogs: Yes, medium to large dogs
Good with Cats: No
Good with Kids: Over 12 years of age required
Crate trained: Yes, but doesn’t love it
Housebroken: Yes

Health: Good

Who said black dogs can’t take a good photo?This is Vader, and true to his name, he has a lot of character. Vader is approximately 9 months old and going through a rowdy teenage phase.


Vader has had the luxury of multiple doggie friends in his foster home to play with and would benefit from being adopted into a multi-dog household. He does have a high prey drive, so cats and smaller dogs (under 25lbs) are not a good fit. Due to his unknown background with socialization as a puppy, we feel he benefits from having another dog to learn the ropes from.


Vader loves to talk and make sure his family knows all of his thoughts and feelings. He would not be a good candidate for an apartment or townhouse because of this – we are sure your neighbors will love him more without his feelings being shared through a communal wall.


Vader is still navigating puppyhood and will require a family dedicated to his training and helping him become the best doggie citizen. He has strong shepherd-like instincts and behaviors so we feel his best fit would be a family with previous shepherd experience. We don’t expect training to be difficult as he is a quick learner - This young dude can learn a new trick in less than a day!


The ideal family will be patient and have a good understanding of dog behavior. Vader is going through a teenage phase right now and needs an owner that understands how to read his cues and work through his stubbornness.  Through all of his quirks, he is the most lovable boy around!  If you’re looking for a new family member to enjoy all of your adventures with, apply for Vader!

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