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Name: Wayne 
Breed: English Setter
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: 3-4 years
Weight: 60 lbs
Location: Louisiana
Good with other dogs: Yes (except for one nasty rat terrier)
Good with Cats: Not sure
Good with Kids: Best to be with children who are sturdy on their feet
Crate trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Health: Overall good

“WAYNE” Is my official name, but my foster parents call me Riley 'cause I look more like a Riley than a Wayne! Mainly because now, after being rescued from a shelter after being dumped by a hunting preserve, I am officially living the Life of Riley. 


I am probably about 3-4 years old and every day is a new day full of wonderful things to investigate! I spend my days following my foster mom around the house and hanging out with her in her painting studio where I basically nap all day long. Since I’ve been here I’ve learned lots of new things that I never experienced before: walking up and down stairs, going on long walks in a neighborhood with sidewalks, meeting lots of new people and dogs on those walks, and, I guess because I always lived outside in a kennel, it has never occurred to me to potty inside (like other dogs in this house!) or to even ask to go outside for that reason. I basically poop once a day on my morning walk and pee pee in my yard while I’m investigating all the fun things in all the bushes and that’s enough! I’m quite the gentleman!


I am a gentle giant who loves to run and play when outside but I settle in and nap calmly when inside. I've never met a stranger I didn’t love! I am extremely affectionate and sweet with everyone, but I’m not a hugger or a kisser or a jumper. I’ve never attempted to get on furniture but I am working on not stealing food when it’s on the coffee table at nose level! I’m very respectful when corrected and also very eager to please. I’m really a good good boy learning how to navigate in this new world. 


I love to run up and down my long driveway. I guess it reminds me of my kennel days. Foster mom takes me on power walks when it’s not 100 degrees outside. Then I just lie on the cool kitchen floor to cool down and proceed to nap the rest of my indoor time away.


I am learning how to not pull on the walks, but mom says it's a work in progress. I am correctable on a leash but will try to pull and lead the way, if allowed to. Who can resist those squirrels, lizards and - occasionally bugs? I’m also learning how to do fun things while on those walks such as heeling, placing, sitting at corners, “leaving” squirrels alone, and staying. I love treats, especially mini organic carrots!


Speaking of food, I love to eat and have never had any stomach issues. I eat in my crate because then I don't worry that someone else will get it before me! ”m sure I’d be happy with any good quality food. I also like to chew on those CET dental sticks and ice cubes. Oh, I also LOVE my lick pad which my foster mom smears with canned dog food and serves to me only in my crate. It’s our nighttime before bed ritual. 


I’m not into toys or playing with toys, but I do like to walk around with my “baby” in my mouth. Sometimes I get a little possessive of my baby. More like, this is mine, not yours kind of thing….When I start to get a bit possessive, Foster mom takes away my toy to take my mind off it. Sometimes I need help with not focusing too much. Mom just changes the subject and I’m good to go!


I love my big soft crate. I go in it to eat my meals (morning and evening) and to sleep at night and when I’m left alone for an hour or so because I feel safe in it and when no one’s home. It’s in the living room where my foster English Setter sister sleeps on the couch.


I take my monthly flea/tick and hw pills just fine, too. I arrived here with a hot spot that itched a lot, but with help from the vet, it is improving. Nevertheless, I've gotten used to wearing the cone of shame if necessary. I tolerate getting bathed! And brushed! My coat is very beautiful.


I would love to find a forever home with an active family or active single folks because I have a long active life ahead of me! I like to travel in the car, so we could go lots of places together! Do you think you might want to adopt me?

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